Trade copying for multiple Prop Firms

So there’s a growing list of traders that trade multiple Prop firms and would like to copy their trades accross multiple prop firms, for example, Apex, Takeprofit Trader, Topstep and Tradeday. Currently we can only trade these separately because they’re all separate companies. However, if Tradovate could actually make it so that we can add all our accounts on tradovate to a Master Tradovate account and copy all our trades there, that would be EPIC. I promise you, it’ll be a game changer.

Secondly, the ability to do bracket orders with copy trading is also very necessary. Both should be very high priority


Totally agree. Tradovate’s integration with Ninja for copy trading, while functional, is not optimal as it repurposes a feature originally designed for different functions. For precision and effectiveness, the copy trading feature should be inherently built into Tradovate’s platform. It should be specifically and exclusively tailored for copy trading, rather than being adapted from a tool meant for grouping purposes.


There’s still no option to copy trade internally with Tradovate.

I must copy from my personal trading account to any funded account(s).

As of March 2024, this is not an option.

I think Ninjatrader has a feature to allow copy trade between accounts; looking into it.

I just don’t want to have multiple accounts to various services/tools to get something simple done like MT4/MT5.

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Any luck figuring out if you need ninja trader to copy trade between Tradovate accounts? Thank you

So I don’t like Ninja trader nor do I like rithmic connections…I’m used to tradovate ith CQG… I’m just gonna have to endure it but honestly tradovate needs to work on that ASAP… More softwares are starting to add it to cater to the growing demand for it…Makes things a whole lot easier…

I created the software that allows you to copy your trades accross multiple prop firms: Apex, Takeprofit Trader, Topstep and Tradeday. Take a look: Then Signup to
You can add bracket orders too!

tried to sign-up but couldn’t get past the first screen.

Are you willing to use Ninja Trader? What you’re saying can be done if so.