Trade copier native

can someone here create a native trade copier. a simple and straight forward copier. Maybe gather the newly opened position including take profit and stop loss via websocket then process the data in a webapp and place the position on another tradovate account via rest api. also stops and take profits when edited on master should be edited also on slave. something similar to duplikium. this would be a good SAAS project as there is so much growth in the futures trading space specially in the prop firm niche where most traders aim to manage 20+ accounts. there is one solution out there which is replikanto but it still requires ninjatrader-rithmic pro connection which is very clunky. i also know there is a group trading function but thats also clunky. any takers?


Something you can use for now is OCO orders. But you can only use this once your entry order is places. This will set a stop loss and a profit target. When either one is hit, it cancels the other order. Wish Tradovate would make bracket orders work with copier.

I think you’d find any SaaS model would lag so much you’d get bad slippage. Realistically any automation needs to be done locally with direct access to your broker.