Am I able to trade multiple accounts also controlling trade management from a main account

I would like to know if the following is possible using tradovate API, could I have multiple accounts in tradeovate, and then from one master account place a trade that would be replicated across multiple accounts based on a certain percentage based on each account balance. For example lets say I have 3 accounts we shall call them Acct 1 (Master Account), Acct 2 (sub-account 2), and Acct 3 (sub acct 3), the balance for each account is as follows Master Acct balance= $100,000, Sub Act 2 balance= $50,000 and Sub Acct 3 balance= $20,000. Now for my master account, I want to only ever trade 2.5% of my total acct balance, for sub acct 2 I want to only ever trade 3% of my account balance, and for sub acct 3 I want to only trade 1% of my account balance. So let’s say I place a trade going long, my stop is always two bars back, I place the trade on my master acct, and then it replicated to all my other accts but my contract size will not necessarily be the same as the master acct size the most I’m willing to risk per acct is based on the balance of the acct and the percentage I choose. I would like to know if this is possible using Tradeovate API

This is definitely possible. Multiple accounts can be associated with a single user, so you can add multiple accounts to your Tradovate user and trade each a different way using the API.

I’m also looking to replicate my trades to a sub account. Does Tradovate offer API services that would allow my to copy my trades to a sub account?

We have all the utilities you need to trade multiple accounts via API. You could copy your trades directly or come up with some kind of algo to place weighted trades across your accounts. When you are creating a request to place an order, you must provide the ID of the account you want to trade. So to trade multiple accounts, you could place the order as many times as accounts you control and run a function to create the trade data given the account and the order in question. The tools that the API provides are extensive - everything in the Trader application is built on the API.

Hey Alexander - quick question - I have this account, “a funded account from Top Step” however, it’s not yet funded; I’m still in the process of the combine. I also have a regular account with you guys that I started myself, it’s funded, and I pay for the data, trading view add-on, etc… Once the combine account reaches the funded status, I’d like to trade both accounts at the same time… I’m assuming using the API? I would be using trading view… Is this possible? Also, will I have trouble once I pass my combine, like with the paperwork, etc., since I already have an account through you guys?.. I know it’s possible to have more than one trading account on the same account (same username/password), but since these will be two different accounts, I’m wondering how all of this will work out…

I saw this post was somewhat related to my question, so I wasn’t sure if I should post it here or make a new thread… If I don’t hear back, I’ll just create my own thread…

I truly appreciate your response and value your time…

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