Sub Account

Hello, I am planning to open a sub account.
Would I be able to use TradoVate API’s on sub account?
If yes, would I need to generate different API key or same key will work?

Hi @SyedA. As long as you add the account to your current user that already has API Access, yes no problem. You can trade using any account your user has ownership over using the API. The API Key doesn’t need to change either, you just have to use a different account entity ID when you place orders or make other calls that require an account ID.

Thanks so if this is the json
j = {

        "accountSpec": get_es_account_name(),

        "accountId": get_es_account_id(),

        "action": action,

        "symbol": sym,

        "orderQty": qty,

        "orderType": order_type,

        "price": price,

        "isAutomated": True,

        "timeInForce": "GTC",

        "bracket1": b1,

        "bracket2": b2,


I only need to change the account name with the new sub account name? and everything else remains same?

Yes that should be the only thing that needs to change unless the account is associated with a different user. Even in that case you could request a trade permission for that account and still be able to trade it once approved.