Understanding How to Set Permission Scope on Your API Key

In order to manage what is appropriate for your user base (or use case), permission scopes can be granted on a per-API-key basis. Consider that your level of permission for your personal use will be different than the level of permission you’d grant a third party, or an unregistered user compared to a registered paying user. Tradovate’s API key permission scope will allow you to have control over what your application users have the authority to do.

How Do I Change My API Key Permissions?

You can change the permissions available to an API Key by opening Application Settings and navigating to the API Access tab. If you already have an API Key or Keys they should be listed below the heading.

To change permissions, click on the Change Permissions link. You will be presented with a modal containing a variety of options for setting permissions for the selected key.

Each selection affects a portion of what permissions are available for applications using this key. Any section marked as Denied will be inaccessible from an application using this key.