How Do I Register an OAuth App?

You can register an OAuth app just as easily as generating an API Key. After you’ve completed your user self-attestation and signed your digital agreement to the terms and conditions of using the Tradovate API, you may generate API Keys and OAuth registrations.

To register an application with OAuth, first go to Application Settings.

Navigate to the API Access tab. Choose OAuth Registration.

You’ll be presented with a form. You’ll need to fill in the application information, like the App Title, and the Redirect URI. You may optionally provide a link to a privacy policy, a link to terms and conditions, and upload a logo. On the lower portion of the form, you may edit the permissions that users acquiring access through this application will have.

When you’ve filled out the form to your satisfaction, click the Generate button. You’ll be presented with a key one time only. Record and store this key responsibly. Be sure not to store the key in any public repository.