Not able to generate API Credentials

Hi Alex,

I was asked by Tradovate Support to reach out to you.

I get this attached “Internal server Error” when tryin to generate an API key.

Please help.

Thank you!!

Hi @kg1,

Can you possibly provide some more details? Please press Ctrl+Shift+I to open dev tools, then look at the Network tab. Generate your API only after you have this tab open. Then screenshot the result of the generateapikey call which you should be able to see like this:

Be sure to include the Request Payload under the Headers tab (in the network tab once you’ve selected generateapikey. If the request payload string is too long to screenshot, please copy the text and include it.

Thanks! It’s working now. Not sure why it didn’t earlier.

Question though … Does the same API key work with both live and demo accounts?

Glad to hear it. The API Key will work for both demo and live, the difference is the endpoint you use. and family for live, for demo.

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