Risk management api

I am looking to have a separate program for risk management. The settings in Tradovate are excellent except for one thing. I can change them the next day. How would I go about creating something to set risk parameters that someone else can have control of and I cannot change? Basically a separate program with a login and password that I cannot access.

Can my personal account be connect to via api for this type of program? This would just be for personal use.

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I second this suggestion. I think it’ll fall on deaf ears though. I would just be happy if they made me call them to enter any new positions after the limit was hit.

I’m still waiting for them to introduce SPAN margin for the last 4 years… so not holding my breath anymore

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This sounds realistically possible.

You’d create an application that uses the features from the Risks category of the API to configure an account’s risk settings. You’d also have to come up with some way to set a lock on that application (a password perhaps). Then someone else could use that application to configure risk management for your account without you being able to directly access it. Or you could make it so you could access it, but only once over a certain timeframe or something.

You could probably even market such a tool if you have success with it.