Lock risk settings before session

I would like the ability to lock my risk settings before the open and not be able to change them until the end of the session. Right now I can set my risk settings and change them before they are hit to avoid getting locked out. It would help beginning traders like myself that don’t have the discipline to hold to the rules they have set.

I agree as well, we need an admin to combine these threads. I started one similar a few days back, as well as two others in the past month or so. Combined, all of these similar requests for basically the same Risk option would have way more votes than Tradovate looking at these threads individually.

We absolutely need this 100%. What is the point of setting risk parameters that can be changed at any time. If your max loss is $100 and your at -$85 the temptation to go change the Max loss to $150 is too tempting sometimes even for the best of us.

In the morning before any trading when you have a clear head you should be able to choose what Risk you want for say the next 20hrs+, set it, and then have those locked in with 100% inability to change until the expired time you set for.

If your working for a Prop Firm and have risk controls you can’t just change them cause your having a bad day…