Lock risk settings before session

I would like the ability to lock my risk settings before the open and not be able to change them until the end of the session. Right now I can set my risk settings and change them before they are hit to avoid getting locked out. It would help beginning traders like myself that don’t have the discipline to hold to the rules they have set.

I agree as well, we need an admin to combine these threads. I started one similar a few days back, as well as two others in the past month or so. Combined, all of these similar requests for basically the same Risk option would have way more votes than Tradovate looking at these threads individually.


We absolutely need this 100%. What is the point of setting risk parameters that can be changed at any time. If your max loss is $100 and your at -$85 the temptation to go change the Max loss to $150 is too tempting sometimes even for the best of us.

In the morning before any trading when you have a clear head you should be able to choose what Risk you want for say the next 20hrs+, set it, and then have those locked in with 100% inability to change until the expired time you set for.

If your working for a Prop Firm and have risk controls you can’t just change them cause your having a bad day…

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ARE YOU MONITORING THESE TRADOVATE? We need this ability. What are your plans? Can you at least address these multiple requests on this issue? Give us a yay or nay or maybe but give us something…


100% I started a similar thread, this can’t be that hard to do.

If I wasn’t able to meddle with my risk controls mid session I’d be so much better off.

I agree Zeckrin, just feels like we’re shouting into an empty void and I’d be better off researching other broker /platforms that can offer this feature. It’s that important.

If risk controls locked🔒 as soon as we hit save, and could not be changed 5m later, far more accounts would be saved.

Risk control is the single most important facet to LONG term success.

C’mon Tradovate help us out!

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Jess, I did just see that NinjaTrader may allow you to email them and request the lock. NinjaTrade Brokerage vs. Tradovate Brokerage - Which Futures Broker Is Best? - YouTube NinjaTrader acquired Tradovate this year so maybe them being in control will allow this to happen in the future. Hopefully…

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Possible to do, see my other thread reply

Can you post link Kawi?

I started with Edge Clear a few weeks ago and they have been great so far. They set both the type (micro or full) and the # of contracts your allowed to trade and your auto-liquidate $ amount. If your in a trade and your loss goes below your auto-liquidate value your account is auto-liquidated and you have to email in to get it reset. This is a 1000 times better than Tradovate. I’m also always dealing with the same broker (Ian) and don’t want to have to email him saying " I blew it again " but I have had to do it already and it’s also great that it takes a while to get reset (I just told him have it reset by morning) so you have some time to cool down. It has already saved my but. I got it set to ridiculous amount for now but it helps a bunch as my bad days were 5-10x that in that amount in the past. Note that I am using Quantower for my platform as I could not get used to EdgeProX. Quantower is amazing for futures trading, especially the Level II Indicator. You still get the .22 commissions on micro’s even using another platform so this was a no brainer. Cheaper than Tradovate and broker-side risk control that works!

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I booked it two months back to another brokerage bc of this same issue got tired asking about it. I called Tradovate, took the time to message and explain it to whom is perceived as the head of the forums, not even a response back. I check this randomly just to see if the straw broke the camel’s back for anyone else. I guess its good to see that people are voting with the pockets, it’s the only way for change to occur. Best of trading. We just opened.

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I want the setting to lock for a week here is the request : Requesting Risk Management setting - lock the setting for the week