Risk Management Enhancements

Risk control is the foundation and building block of trading and very under developed by most software vendors. The fancy charts, indicators and features should all come AFTER first developing robust Risk Management for the traders. Without solid risk management Tradovate will lose customers, therefore as partners Tradovate should implement better risk management for their customers.
Daily lock out for max loss is a great start !


  1. Daily lockout should also include order Qty, Allowed Products.
  2. Weekly lock out as well, or modify the Daily lockout with an option to select dates, and the risk cannot be modified until the expire time.
  3. Percent of account (value @ session start) for max loss on day. e.g., $10,000 account MaxLoss: 3%, which equates to $300.
  4. Max Position size per Product (* for all products)
  5. Max Order size per Product (* for all products)
  6. Ability to enforce a % of margin, e.g., if ES margin is $11,880 > have a field where you can increase the margin by percent, e.g., %150 so it increases the margin requirement.

Thoughts and feedback appreciated !

Exactly what is needed. I got f’d when I placed a market order on the MNQ during crazy volatility, and I was given two lots instead of one. Some how, both filled at the exact same moment and exact same price, of course the trade stopped me out when it turned against me right away.

When I contacted the trade desk, the person just accused me of double clicking or having a bad mouse. Lulz. Support did the same thing. Magically they filled the price at the same amount at the same time.

Instead of having this wonderful, magical experience - there should be a setting to control the amount of contracts opened.

Agreed with everything you wrote.

100% to all you said…
Being able to stop traders from trading even when they may not want to is critical

i just posted this suggestion about a risk modification lockout feature i guess i can delete my request i see alot of comments but im the only 1 that voted on it VOTE people.

I am looking for a feature where once the parameters are set for a trading session from 9:30am est - 4pm pst. We should not be able to modify them. Just like prop trading firms. Including daily loss and number of contracts traded. This will keep us more disciplined. We should be able to modify them during off market hours.