Additional Account Level Risk Settings Suggestions (2)

It would greatly benefit me to have these two account risk settings added:

  1. Profit target lock out. EX. $200 profit target for the day. If that level is reached we are locked out from making any more trades for the day. Additional options to help manage the last trade that puts us over that amount.
  • Auto adjust a stop loss at the $200 tick level once breached (whatever that may be) to allow the trade to continue to run and allow us to continue managing the trade to the upside but protect us from letting our trade run against us, bringing us below the desired $200 profit threshold. (understood we may have some slippage from the market order filling a few ticks against us potentially)
  1. Add a number of trades per day limit. EX. Max amount of trades 10 round trip. After 10 round trip trades we are locked out from making additional trades, thus we are done for the day.

I can confidentially say these would help me more than any current risk setting. Often times I am up in the morning going into mid day. Then I fatigue and begin to make poor decisions. AKA over-trading, overconfidence, increase contract amounts with a loss and begin making riskier trades to bring myself back to my max profit of the day and end up down more than I was up. Time and time again.

Thank you tradovate for all of the awesome work you’ve done. You have a unique platform and seem to have a great team working on constantly improving the platform to help us trade better and more profitably.