Lock Loss Limits Until End of Week

It would be great to have a feature where the daily and weekly loss limits were locked in for a week. For example, if the daily loss limit was $500, it would be unchangeable until after the end of the session on Friday. The trader could then decide if they want to change it for the following week.

Hate to break it to bud, just find a different broker. I wasted my time till I turned blue in the face making similar request as done by about a dozen others. I keep a dormant account just in case hell does freeze over, since I did really like the all in commission structures, and web platform for my needs on the run since I am always going between multiple offices. Either way, plenty of places out there will offer you broker side risk management protections at no cost, no need for you ever have the risk of blowing an account regardless of how rare that might be, or how strong-willed you are. Things happen, it’s flight or fight responses. If you do this for a living, it will eventually happen in the long run if you do not have such protections, the days turn into months and years of screen time. I personally couldn’t risk funding a large account after knowing the importance of a live risk manager, or at least a hard coded one inaccessible to the trader from my years in prop. I hope your request is filled but, do not be like me and waste a good year or so hearing someone tell you next month or a few weeks for it to never come.

I think you’re absolutely right. Too bad Tradovate isn’t willing to help traders be successful, or at the very least help them from blowing out accounts.