Lock risk settings during RTH

Any chance we could get the option to lock our risk settings during regular trading hours?

I can second this. While the risk limits regarding tradeable products and max contracts are great imo, the daily loss limit risk setting could be improved. The problem is there’s no communication in the app like there is with TopStep’s TSTrader which displays how close you are to the loss limit from the trading app. This results in the need to check how close you are to the loss limit anytime you may be close, to avoid a situation where you put on a trade an are immediately stopped out. This then results in you wanting to adjust the loss limit to enable you to take one more trade with your regular stop loss. This can then result in a pattern where you continually increase the daily loss limit because the loss limit can be adjusted because it hasn’t been hit yet. You should be able to lock the loss limit in for the current session without having to hit it first.