Server Side Daily Loss Limit

Server side daily loss limit. This is incredibly important. I requested this 2 years ago and the feature would have saved me a lot of heartache. Client side daily loss limit is useless because it can be turned off in seconds. I know of other traders who have left Tradovate because the client side feature is not protective enough. Personally, it has been very destructive and I have recently felt compelled to look for other brokerages that offer server side. A few do. I have lost over $100k (out of $300k loss) due to this so this is no laughing matter. Please do it.

The Daily Loss Limit configurable under the Account Rick Settings runs server-side today. Currently, we allow the user to manage this value without locking the user out of changing the loss value if the Limit is hit. If the user does not adjust the value, no further trades can be placed until the end of the session when the daily loss calculation is reset.

We will be introducing a feature users can set where the account will be locked until the end of the session when the value is hit and no adjustments can be made to the current day’s Loss Limit. You can follow this thread for updates on that: