Lock risk settings after first trade

The lock risk settings have helped me greatly, there are a couple improvements that would make it much better.

-Lock settings after first trade, this way we don’t have to deal with the temptation of changing the limit before triggering it.

-Set a custom lockout time, sometimes locking myself out for the whole day feels excessive, I have found my head cools down a couple hours later, would be nice to have that too

-Make the risk setting trail the day P/L if set my max daily lost at 100 and I’m up 300, lock me out if I hit 200, if my setting is 20 and I’m up 100 lock me out when I hit 80 and so on.

I know there are multiple requests here but only the first one is really important on the short term.

@BWeis would it be to complicated to add this? I mean, just the part about, lock the risk settings after the first trade of the session?

The lock settings after first trade idea sounds really good. This would really make the Tradovate’s risk management feature much better!

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