Tradingview glitch

Hey guys,

I just opened a live account on Tradovate. I have been trading FX for the last 4 years and decided to add another asset to trade. On that note I have been paper trading on Tradingview for a few mnths with the same system I use for FX. Something very unexpected happened and I was looking for some advice or an answer for this issue. I know that in FX the spreads widen at 5 pm [EST]. Nothing crazy, but they widen. This past week I was trading NKD on Tradingview paper trading account and I had 8 [contracts] for a floating loss of $4,150. When 5 pm hit on Friday the loss sky rocketed to $115,000! I am not new to trading, but I am new to Futures. Can someone please tell me whether this was just a glitch in Tradingviews software, or do end of day spreads really widen to such a ridiculous amount ? When I looked at the loss again today it was back to $4,150. Has anyone had a floating loss that ballooned 25x at 5pm here on Tradovate ? My gut tells me it was a glitch in the Tradingview software but I might be wrong which is why I am asking on this forum. Thank you all for your time and I look forward to hearing from some of you and contributing in the future. Thanks!

I’m not sure about FX never dealt with it but what your describing sounds like overnight Margin call. If you hold futures contracts over night you have to meet the full margin requirement, which yes, it is a lot more than the day time margins. Here is a link to Tradovate margins for each interment and time frame.

Hey Madcat thank you for your response. I looked at the links you attached. when I look at the values for NKD I see the day/night/initial values for NKD at $4125/$4125/$8250 respectively. Does this mean it costs me $8250 per contract I open ? and then an additional $4125 per contract after the close ? I am not entirely sure how to interpret the numbers. Could you give me an example using 8 contracts and dollar amounts so I can better understand ? Thx again for taking the time to attach the links.

The CME Group has Education courses that cover most everything about the products they carry. I don’t want to make a mistake and give you bad information. Here is a link to their site and there is a video on this page that goes over Margins.

I looked through everything. I understand it now. Thank you for taking the time to help me with this.