Estimated Profit/Losses Displayed ATM + Drag and Drop TP/SL

Estimated profits and losses on your take profits/stop losses.

It would be extremely helpful being able to view the estimated P/L directly on the chart vice on the DOM. As a TradingView user that appreciates the integration, I can set a Take Profit/Stop Loss with a limit order, but as soon as the order is filled, the TP/SL brackets which display estimitated P/L are converted to say “buy/sell limit” or “buy/sell stop”. This is fine up until you need to change make adjustments to either or. Decision making would be much easier and faster.

For the short-term duration scalpers, entering market orders and having the abilitiy to drag and drop Take Profit orders and Stop Loss orders after wards would be very beneficial as well (in addition to what is mentioned above).

I have trading view integrated with tradovate. I would like to see what my profit loss would be at a certain price easily. really wish i could drag my stop loss and see the pnl like quantower. Did you find workflow for this or a way to setup tradovate to show me my pnl at different stop loss and take profits