TPO Volume Difficult to read


When the app is in dark theme, the volume numbers are black and very difficult to read against the black background in the TPO chart for each price level.

It also seems like the volume numbers are not getting updated regularly. I don’t see the numbers updating even though I see volume printing to the DOM.

  1. Is there a known issue with the volume numbers?
  2. Are we able to change the color of the volume bars or the text in the bars?

Hi @Mark

You can adjust the color settings for the volume profile in the TPO. To do so"
Select your chart from the “Configure Chart Elements” area

In the Volume Profile area, you can select the color for the “Label”

We do have an open issue logged to review cases where the values displayed do not update until refreshed

Im looking at MES

Can you try to flip your sessions so that it starts with the 6PM ET open? Like below:

@Mark, this should be resolved in our next update