Bid/Ask Volume Chart qty numbers

Can you please give us the ability to change the color of the numbers in the bid/ask volume charts and ideally globally because the dim gray is very hard to see. You can make it a little better if you dont add or change color to the bars themselves but the numbers I would like to adjust or make them white.

Additionally, I cant get bid/ask volume to show up on anything much higher than 5 min chart. I would like to see this work properly on higher time frame.

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Hi @goods007

You can manage the colors of the numbers on the chart by:
Select “Configure Chart Elements” and the Symbol+Timeframe of your chart

In the modal that follows, select the color under Style>Labels

This will adjust the color of the volume numbers that are displayed on the chart

Can you provide an example of what you’re seeing on higher timeframes?

Hello thanks for your reply, I have attached a 5 min bid/ask as you can see i cant even get it to show up now. This is the desktop app. The Bid/Ask charts should show the volume inside the bars. The only volume that shows up even now is if i change the TF to Volume. Before I could get the Bid/Ask with volume on a 1 - 5 min TF but I cant even do that now.

This happens when the timeframe candle has many levels in it and the price scale is zoomed out, as a result, to try to fit the bars. As a general rule: volume numbers will appear if there is enough room to show the minimum font size.

Two things to check:

  1. Make sure you do not have Auto-fit enabled for the chart
  2. Move your mouse over the price axis and use your scroll wheel to adjust the scaling

You should see the numbers appear

Awesome thanks so much that did it and the numbers I was able to adjust colors thanks so much. :slight_smile:

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Again thanks so much, that did the trick :slight_smile: