Can't see volume on bid ask/fooprint chart at all

I’ve seen a lot of people show screen shots of their footprints, however when I try to switch my chart to a bid/ask style, it forces me to zoom in to the point where I can only see about 12 minutes worth of data. And even at that point the numbers are so small it’s hard to read. When I go to higher timeframes I can’t even zoom in to see the numbers on bid/ask at all. Is there a way I can fix this?

My continuous autofit is off, and it’s like this across all time frames.

You appear to be using “legacy chart” which has a bug while using footprint wherein the volume doesn’t always print. I’ve included a picture of that phenomenon:

You can force it to print by manually refitting with the scroll wheel.

NQ Footprint is pretty hard to read on any platform. If I have to look at it it’s either zoomed in or 4 ticks per level (would be a nice feature to add for Tradovate).

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First of all thank for your response ryan. The screenshot I took wasn’t on the legacy chart. The best I can do it seems is (like you said) to zoom in the prices with the scroll wheel to the point where they’re 1 pt apart. Sadly I can’t seem to zoom out on this 1pt difference on the yaxis more than 12 minutes worth on my chart. Is there any way to make the font larger on the volume prints?

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