Footprint Charts

need something different in the Bid-Ask charts. in some situations the scale has to be extremely wide to see volume numbers.

One idea we’ve discussed would be some volume number aggregation based on your price axis scale zoom level. Would that be like what you had in mind?

yeah, that would work, but takes away detail. there’s edge in nuance. its difficult because you’re limited by how small a person can see. what about a color gradient? i duuno

When the real estate is too tight to display the numbers at a size you would be able to read, we do allow the user to display a gradient histogram today:

The size and gradient can either be based on the volumes in the individual bar, or the volume in the whole bar series you have in your chart

Sierra Chart has a really nice feature for the footprint charts that show a volume profile per bar. This would be a great add-on.


well why is the font so small at this scale? just need to be fine tuned maybe.

Like it was mentioned, it would be very nice to tweak these bar charts so that they scale better. Especially during high volatility when I try to zoom in, all the numbers just disappear and when zooming just a bit out, the fonts are way too small and if I zoom even more the chart turns itself to a candlestick chart and it can be very frustrating.

Here is an example of an empty view:

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@BZF Do you have your chart set to “Continuously Autofit Chart = Yes”?

this is what we need.


That’s a good point @BWeis and I’ve tried both Autofit Chart and Go to Current Bar and at best it works randomly. Mostly not working though…

Here’s another example with a 10 range bar chart. This time zoomed out a bit. I kept the tails and wicks visible to illustrate the issue better.

What do you have this option set to?

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I thought you were referring to the Autofit Chart. Now that I turned it on, it looks better when I zoom in. And when I zoom out then it’s the same as before. So much better though now. And I guess this is fine since that’s the purpose of this chart; it allows you to zoom into the details of the action. Thanks for the tip Brian. :+1:

Slightly zoomed in:

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