Support for SierraChart DTC Protocol

I wonder if we could prioritize a proper interface with SierraChart?

I know they will not support using various APIs and that the DTC protocol must be used if we want them to support an interface with Tradovate:

Wonder how many other people would really like a tight integration with SierraChart without paying $30 a month to the exchange for the two connections that are necessary via CQG ?

Sierra Chart is so powerful for algo trading and scalping and, being much more powerful makes it worth the extra, but also feel it should be free to run the platform on Tradovate as a 1st class citizen, but do not know if it’s too much effort or if there are enough traders at Tradovate that use SierraChart.

Let’s vote !

Hey Jason D! NickG here also supporting the idea. I love my Tradovate account. On a related note. I have a second account with an FCM that supports TT. Both Philip and Dorman support TT. Supporting Order routing is a marketable benefit because many traders would like more than the 20 levels of depth CQG provides. Using SC Denali Exchange routed to TT, I get up 800 levels of Depth AND both server-side OCO & server-side bracket orders. Basically if the market is extra volatile my order will react in 1.5 ms while client-side could take 100’s of ms and your orders could get pushed 3, 4, 10 points before filling?


Hey! New to Tradeovate here, signed up with Tradeovate for the cross-platform capability plus Sierra Chart and Jigsaw integration.

Any plans on DTC integration? Not thrilled with the idea of looking to another data provider for full support of server side orders. I really like the Tradeovate platform, but have little desire to execute via the Tradeovate DOM or charts unless I am forced to be mobile.

But after doing more digging, it seems the solution is either Tradeovate and Sierra Chart find a way to implement DTC Protocol or I subscribe to another data service (recommended seems to be via TT). Wish I realized this before moving monies, but if Tradeovate is going to advertise SC as one of the main platforms for 3rd Party integration, it seems there would be an effort to implement fully. Maybe I am missing something?

Also posted on a similar thread at: Allow for Sierra Chart Order Routing


Hello. Is there a chance for Sierra DTC and Tradovate integration? We’d like to use Sierra Routing Service with Tradovate as a clearing house. Thank you in advance.


This is my only major gripe with Tradovate… No support for Sierra’s data and routing integration!
For data, my trading style relies on full CME market depth, so I need Sierra’s Denali feed (not a fan of Rithmic).
For execution, CQG just isn’t reliable enough in my experience (and I’m not alone) and Sierra’s TT FIX routing is impeccable.
Rather not use CQG for either data or routing, at least not for CME.

Also, the firms Tradovate clears through (Phillip and Dorman) both support the TT FIX routing so what’s the issue?

This seems to be one of the most requested things here, so please, please…!!!

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