I reviewed the Sierra Charts and Tradovate sites. Please confirm or correct my understanding. (focus is /ES). I can use SC with Denali (MBO) data. I can trade from SC with executions occurring through Tradovate. At Tradovate, I need to pay $15/month, and 15 cents per contract. Also, the CME Full Depth market data still applies. Is this correct?

If correct, to whom or through do I pay the CME fee for full market depth? Do I still pay that via Tradovate, or do I pay that via Sierra Charts?

This information is for non-pro status only:
To my understanding, if you are using Data from SC then you don’t need to pay the $15 with Tradovate, the $15 would be if you want to also have market depth level 2 data show up on the Tradovate App. If you already have that data from SC then you should be good to go, you can also pay $3 with Tradovate to only get the Level 1 top of book data only. If you link Tradovate with SC then you should be able to place orders just from the SC app.
As for the contract fees they are as follows for the /ES:
Non-membership fee: $2.13 per contract per side, total of $4.26 to enter and close 1 contract
Active Trader ($99 per month): $1.53 per contract per side, $3.06 to enter and close 1 contract
Commission Free ($2,388 annually): $1.34 per contract per side, $2.68 to enter and close 1 contract

More information for each individual rate of each tradable product can be found here:

Margin information can be found here: