E-Mini Market Data 'Only'

I only need market data for one E-Mini market but Tradovate only offer an option for all CME markets.

I pay $120 month for CME when I could be paying $60 month for the E-Mini market data. It would be good to see this option available so that I don’t keep getting billed for market data that I don’t use.

Thank you.

what is the difference between that subscription and the $13 data feed with level 2?

the more expensive one has the market depth on the DOM vs the level 1 with no market depth on the DOM. This is only useful if you trade with the DOM otherwise if you trade with charts, you only need level 1.

No, ‘JulioC’ you are incorrect. I am not referring to level 1 or level 2.

‘awesomizer’ and to anyone else interested, I am referring to market data that the CME offers for those who only trade E-Mini markets. This is cheaper than paying for all CME markets.

Tradovate do not offer this market data and so myself and everyone else has to pay more than necessary (if you only trade E-Minis).

I quoted $60 for this market data because I subscribe to professional market data. At the moment, anyone who is designated a professional trader would need to pay $120 month because the only option is ‘CME’ market data.

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Can you not go with non professional?
I see what you meant now, I am mistaken.

Are you required to pay as a “professional”? If not, get non-pro data. The data is the same. You should only be paying $9 for 1 exchange unless you are trading for a prop firm or something.

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This topic was not created to discuss whether someone should be classed as non-professional or professional.

It would be helpful if people would stop weighing in with advice when they are not fully informed and also going off topic.

Tradovate do not offer specific ‘E-Mini’ market data as an option (which is cheaper). This would be good to see available.

To clarify. Someone who owns or leases a seat on the exchange is classed as a professional. This is why I pay professional market data.