Risk Rebellion - Mastery In Motion | January 2021 Challenge |

As Traders we’re united by a common streak of non conformity.

We question what others accept.

We’re rule breakers, critical thinkers and rebels for many causes.

However in the markets that very nature works against us when we don’t willingly and intentionally put constraints on ourselves and our interactions with it.

A finite trading account and a nature that relishes breaking rules will always suffer against the organic shifting sands of the market.

It is only when we as traders develop a healthy respect for and appreciation of risk and how we incorporate its execution, in alignment with our nature, that we begin the journey to consistently extract value from the market.

A healthy respect for risk ensures our survival. A consistently executed positive expectation ensures we thrive.

In this monthly challenge we dare you to execute with

1.\ Patience
2.\ Precision

as a reminder that your best path to consistent profits is found in self mastery first, and market trade craft second.

The Risk Rebellion Community is a family of equity, options and futures traders around the world that enjoy living full and satisfying lives outside of the market while honing their craft within in.