Day Trader Paradise - "Two Tickets to Paradise" Challenge

“Two Tickets to Paradise” Challenge, brought to you by the DTP team!

Our trading team, Day Trader Paradise, will be hosting its very first kickoff trading challenge just to test out this amazingly cool new feature the Tradovate team has created. To go along with our Live Trading Stream on YouTube we just created. We’re so excited for this! We will try to make this a regular thing with all sorts of prizes and perks that the winners get. This first one will be just for fun (and maybe some bragging rights!).

This will be a week long challenge testing your skills of risk management instead of just account growth, meaning that we will have

  • $50,000 Start
  • No Drawdown Limits
  • Index Futures Only
  • Highest Net Liq at close of challenge is the winner.

We teach risk management as our specialty, so for this first challenge the training wheels are OFF. So if you go in too heavy and blow up, you blow up. Learn how to manage your risk from the start, and tune into the Live stream for tips and pointers. Let’s see what you’ve got!

I’ll be live streaming my own trading on YouTube, every day, in full transparency in my real account as well as these challenge accounts, so tune in M-F, 9:30am sharp for all the trading goodness.

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For more information about the challenge, coaching, or just to talk mess to your rivals… check us out on our free Discord!

Disclaimer: the challenge above is paper trading – it is not meant to directly influence or suggest any sort of real trade or investment decision of any participant in a real account. All claims and results of this contest are hypothetical and hypothetical performance is not indicative of real trading results. DTP is not responsible for your own trades, only good memes and talk about whiskey. Trade at your own risk