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Hello Everyone.

Happy Holidays and hope you and your families are all well and safe.

There are many public facing traders of different nationalities, languages, gender, and proficiency.

My aim is to embrace all of you, engage with you, learn from you and also share my ongoing knowledge and developed expertise with you as well.

In my opinion trading is one very rigorous path (there are many) in the journey of self discovery.

One of the best ways to do so is in having conversations with others and then reflecting on what you’ve heard or discussed and how it resonates with your existing beliefs and worldview.

All towards a view of refining what works best for your own process and your ability to consistently extract wealth from the markets.

So during this contest I will be opening up my Youtube channel to talking with many of you live(as invited guests and co-hosts, or in the stream chat) while I trade and as we watch the market auction before our eyes.

I aim to have this qualifying contest every 6 weeks culminating with a 3 day winner take all sponsored Final tournament in July 2021.

Qualifier #1 Feb 1st - 5th '21 165 Contestants Top 33 Qualify
Qualifier #2 Mar 15th - 19th '21 165 Contestants Top 33 Qualify
Qualifier #3 April 26th - 30th '21 165 Contestants Top 33 Qualify

Last Streamer Standing Final Melee - July 13th-15th 2021 (Tentative)

Please only enter one qualifying challenge.

If you are or know of a trading personality that would like to participate please share this with them so that we can all have a bit of fun, proliferate knowledge about our industry, grow the bonds within our community and display practical execution that helps everyone become more profitable in their live accounts.

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