11/23 - 11/24 Tradovate Challenge (winner gets December 2020 commission-free trading)

This topic will be used for participants of Tradovate’s Two Day - Turkey Challenge.

Be sure to sign-up here if you haven’t already:


Trading will begin 11/22/2020 at 6PM ET and run through 11/24/2020 at 5PM ET

Top 10 on Monday morning (11/23/2020):

Top 10 Monday afternoon update. Alex_thatguy opening up a pretty sizable lead!

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With a little over 4 hours left, while there has been quite a bit of movement in the Top 10, Alex_thatguy is still in the lead:

Congratulations to Alex_thatguy and what a comeback Caacapital and -_- great job.

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KUDOS! n listening to feedback and introducing this challenge function Tradovate Team.

Unfortunately anything less than a 1 week duration becomes an open invitation to max out contract limits hoping to snag the big trade, as evidenced by the results distribution of the one day challenge results and the swinging for the fences in this 2day challenge.

Going forward I suggest a 10 emini (and the micro equivalent) contract limit, $2000 daily loss limit and a control for total number of contracts(or consider challenges specifically for scalpers, high frequency, day traders, short term swing traders etc)

thank you