Override first-in, first-out

Current scenario example: Start trade A by buying 1x stock @ $50, no stops or brackets, just letting it ride. Then start trade B by buying 1x stock @ $30, with a $5 bracket SL/TP. Right now, when the bracket triggers, its triggering for trade A (resulting in a loss no matter what). The system is not currently differentiating by trade, it just wants to do first-in, first-out.

Can we please make it where we can differentiate these trades, so that in the example, I’d be able to execute trade B, while leaving trade A untouched?

My reasoning is that I’d be able to trade smaller, immediate price action, while also having a longer-term open position.

I would also like to see this

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This is called averaging down and not a very smart way to trade.

You need a sub account so you can do “longer term positions” and use your main account for scalps.

Respectfully, I disagree that this is “not a very smart way to trade”. As I mention in the last paragraph of my post, I’m wanting this feature so that I can utilize two different trading styles, one that is riding longer-term momentum, while the other is utilizing short-term scalping that takes advantage of smaller moves.

This is very much a valid style and I’d still like to see the original request implemented as a feature.

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I would love this! This is the only reason I use Sierra Chart instead of Tradovate is because Sierra offers LIFO (Last In First Out). To mix up the example, I would say to look at adding to winners instead of adding to losers. It honestly will be the same mathematically as FIFO but trading is about psychology and I believe LIFO is a tool that can help traders with the psychology of managing a trade. It helps me at least, and that is why I have to use Sierra Chart until Tradovate adds this feature!

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Upvoted. Would love to have LIFO as an option instead of FIFO. I think it’s easier to keep up with and potentially more profitable because you can let an old winner continue winning from likely a better entry price.

Any word from Tradovate on this? Is this in the works? This would be a game changer for me I think.