Breakeven - ticks

would really like to have a breakeven offset in the bracket order section. So instead of moving to BE, or BE+ we could move to BE- ticks instead. This is provided in a lot of other platforms and is extremely handy.


Could we also please have a more advanced trade management with multiple steps like NinjaTrader 8 ATM.


Can you add “Offset” to your title so it reads “Breakeven Offset Negative Ticks”, This is what Tradovate calls the feature, just so it is more clear what the request is about?

I know you used the " - " for the Negative symbol but i almost missed this request because i thought it was just a dash.



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Sometimes i want to pull in my Stop Loss but not all the way to Breakeven, adding a Negative value to the Offset would be great.

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Yeah, your post is way better! ill see how to edit

I just discovered today that you can type in the Negative Break Even offset you want. The arrow buttons won’t do it.

I cant be sure, but i think i tried that prior. Maybe not! I will try though now for sure. Great work, thanks for the update.

nah Just tried this doesn’t work you click save, then you reopen the window and is back at a positive value, I even tried a trade, doesn’t work it just doesn’t save the negative value, but I wish it did.

Don’t do that. Don’t give me hope.

Thats odd it worked for me, i have even traded with it set to a negative number in Demo and replay mode to see it it actually worked and it did. Even days later it is stored as -2 points.

I’m using the Mac OS Tradovate Trader App

I decided to test it again, and i recored it working.

Just tested on the windows 10 desktop app even the beta version, no dice

Maybe its a MacOS exploit , anyways it should be an official feature.

Doesnt work for me on web version. As soon as i click save, the “-2” reverts to zero and doesnt offset. Maybe only desktop version, not web.

Sorry it does not work for you. There really needs to be more activity on this thread and more votes. I could only imagine this would be a simple few lines of code to change since the system is already in place.

CC: @BWeis
I tried it and the same happened to me, I could swear I have seen it work with negative numbers.
Did it work with negative numbers for any of you ?