Convert Fixed Stop to Trailing Stop

It would be incredibly useful to have the option to convert a fixed stop into a trailing stop with offset once auto break-even is triggered, as well.

This times a million. This is the one feature that is keeping me from opening an account vs other options I’m evaluating.

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Totally agree. Would really love this feature.

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This needs to be a high priority addition and I hope Tradovate is looking at this request. Much needed!

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This is really needed!! I’m in the Top Step Combine and would consider keeping Tradovate if they can add this feature…

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I agree! Gets my upvote.

Starting a trade with a trail vs a hard stop can work against a trader.
After it goes green creating a customized trail is a great option.

Can we get an official response on this?

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Yep I like this request cause is realistic in terms of development, would be a simple checkbox on the UI and mostly a backend change

The oversimplified concept is just a conditional so on breakeven-trigger instead of cancel-replacing the original stop with another regular stop it does it with a trailing stop.

Hopefully is they can implement this, The other requests similar to this are way more complex to implement as the they want something like Ninja Trader that has multiple profit targets, same as other brokers. I only learned about this a while ago, no wonder why sometimes my friends kick as while I stumble trying to move my stop only for it to be rejected cause the price already came down, when my friends managed to sell at the top of the spike.