Release Notes - Version 1.200619.0

  • We’ve added a small enhancement to our Chat module. Now, when no Tradovate Admin is logged in and available to chat, you will see an informational message letting you know to send any questions through another support channel.
  • Added: Brackets. In this release, we’re introducing Breakeven+ which will allow you to set an offset on your breakeven stop to move it past the breakeven point. You can read more about this new feature in our forum here: Add Break Even +
  • Long Options trading now enabled for all users
  • Bugfixes and Performance Improvements.
    • Fixed issue with alert sounds not resetting
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Update pushed 6/24/2020 during evening maintenance period to address:

  • Fixed a bug with popout windows. Closing one popout was closing all popout windows and not saving the workspace changes properly
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