Release Notes - Version 1.201113.0


Version 1.201113.0 (11/13/2020)

  • Added: Account Risk. Users can now set an option to lock their account until the end of the session if a configured risk parameter has been met. You can view more about this new feature in our FAQs HERE (
  • Added: 2-Step Verification. Users with Access to Live Accounts can now set additional methods for 2-Step Verification. Tradovate now supports: Trusted Devices, Security Keys, Authenticator Apps and SMS for new device verifications. You can view more about this new feature in our FAQs HERE (
  • Added: Charts (beta). Bar countdown timer now supports tick and volume chart types
  • Added: Options Chain. Now individual expirations will have an option to display all strikes in a scrollable module
  • Added: Login. Login with Apple ID now supported
  • Added: Login. Users can now recover their user name if forgotten on the login screen
  • Added: Notifications. Bank Account changes, New device logins, Personal Information changes and contact info changes are now all sent as push notifications (in addition to emails)
  • Added: Security. Additional codes will be sent and required to access some sensitive user information in the settings areas
  • Updated: Chart (beta). Minimum Number of Bars to Load maximum value increased to 9999

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Recaptcha was not displaying as expected in the desktop version
  • Fixed: Chart (beta) bars were not auto-scaling as expected
  • Fixed: Chart (beta) crosshairs were not tracking as expected
  • Fixed: Chart (beta) click in price axis to create alert was not working as expected
  • Fixed: Chart (beta) blue highlight for custom indicator text restored