Tradovate Mobile App - Breakeven Offset

For anyone who uses the mobile app, is your breakeven offset broken? When I try to set up a breakeven bracket order the offset feature doesn’t work.

For example I will set my SL to 8 ticks, TP 16 ticks, auto breakeven (profit trigger) 4 ticks, and finally breakeven offset to 4 ticks.

This way if the trade goes in my favor once I reached the PT, my offset should trigger and move my SL to 4 ticks. However, it never works. I’ve tried multiple configuration with the auto/offset to get my BE to 4 ticks and nothing works.

Is anyone else out there having the same issue?

Our update planned for this weekend should address this issue

Yes please!!! I love this idea/feature. Especially as a scalper!!

Has the update happened yet?