Autobreak Even and Offset

Hello. Is it possible to implement a Place Order over the REST API that takes advantage of the Auto breakeven and offset functions available in the desktop brackets?


FOUND IT!!! use parameters breakeven, and breakevenPlus in your order strategy params!!! i used ssl proxy to sniff the content from the desktop app to find this BTW. ur welcome!!

i.e. {“accountId”:000000,“symbol”:“MESZ2”,“orderStrategyTypeId”:2,“action”:“Buy”,“params”:“{"entryVersion":{"orderId":0,"orderQty":5,"orderType":"Market","timeInForce":"GTC"},"brackets":[{"qty":5,"profitTarget":15,"stopLoss":-10,"trailingStop":false,"breakeven":9,"breakevenPlus":0}]}”}

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THANK YOU! You’re awesome.

having issues though getting error “Stop and Stop/Limit breakeven supported only” when SELING SHORT. it works for long. I’ll try again with the sniffing and go short and find out

OK. I haven’t tried it yet. Will let you know if I run into anything.

ok seems breakeven is ALWYAS positive… even on short sells. in the desktop app. and you cannot use it combination with trailingStop=true