Order line "blinks" when changing its price on a chart

From a chart with an active order, when I click-and-drag the order to a new price, as soon as I release the mouse click, the order line moves back to its original price and stays there until the order price is updated, and then it moves back to the new price a second time. I just noticed this order behavior yesterday for the first time, probably because the “blink” was much slower yesterday in the night session and so more apparent.

Feature Request: When moving an active order, instead of the original order appearing to move, generate a copy of the order line (dimmed, indicating not active). When the order is sent by releasing the mouse-click, there will briefly be one dimmed order line and one active order line. When the new price is confirmed from the exchange then the new line will appear active and the old line will disappear.

This implementation reflects what is actually happening. In reality, when a trader clicks and moves an order on a chart, it doesn’t actually move the order. The active order is still there just not visible. By keeping the active order visible, it lets the trader see exactly where the actual order is, at all times. When the mouse-click is released, the new order line will become active and the old line will disappear.