Not sure why my posts about the bugs are being deleted from the site. great team tradovate

made a post about bugs not being fixed and how they are never addressed and now my posts are gone


can’t say I’m surprised about the deletion. I’m with you, the lack of engagement on bugs is a problem if they want to continue to market this API.

But, it’s a double edged sword for them. They’re not charging much for API access… and it requires a lot of support especially for folks who claim things are bugs and it’s just mistakes in their code. They could mitigate this with more examples and code.

Evenso, it’s my opinion that the recent Arthur Hur posts were a publicity stunt…with the guy saying he’s not a developer, had never coded berore, and somehow coded to the API… when those of us who are professional coders are having trouble. The point being, I don’t think Tradovate should get a lot of leeway with bugs if they’re marketing how easy it is to code to the API.

More to your point. There are times where the example code they provided doesn’t work due to their introduced bugs…and that’s really hard to deal with as a user when they’re breaking things without adequate testing… and then barely acknowledging the issue.

I think it’s worth remembering that they had the API only open to commercial partners probably because these reasons. I’m just happy to it’s publicly available… and hope it improves with time and use.

Hi @jacadd

While we do have @Alexander available to the community for help and support for API developers, our trader (web, desktop, mobile) support team does not monitor these forums for bug reports. We try to consolidate those bug as much as we can into our ticket system so that our agents can schedule a screen share if needed, collect log files and escalate tickets to the development team.

I replied to you privately (via DM) regarding the last message you posted about an issue with the platform with some instructions for how to get one of our reps involved to help identify the issue and escalate it to our development team. You can read and reply to DMs by clicking on your avatar in the menu bar and selecting the messages icon


Just to be clear, Arthur is not affiliated with Tradovate

So you are saying that support does not look here and its for devs who need help using your API and not an official support channel?

I have an email chain from your reps telling me they could not help me and that I needed to post to the forum here detailing my entire ticket so that your dev team can be made aware and help. Otherwise the dev team would not be able to help me. I have been given completely different answers from 2 reps on how/if I would get support, with your above response leaving the me questions

How can a paying user get help? I followed the steps you said above and it has led me here with 5 days of frustration and no help.
Why after opening a ticket, I am required to re-detail everything into a community forum post when I already have done that in my ticket to the company just so it can be communicated to the dev team when you say it can be escalated?
If you could please give me some clarification. As I asked the rep this question and others, each question was ignored and referred me to the forum again.

EDIT: I was also told by the rep they could replicate the issue and it was on your end.

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Sorry for the confusing information. Let me check with the support team to see if there was some confusion in handling the ticket you submitted.

We do have a rep monitoring the forum for API support, however, it is most efficient to have any bug/issue reports related to the trader go through our support team.