Not able to change "Exit at Mkt & Cxl" button

This seems like a coding error. I was in a position and then I thought of changing the button to do a reversal instead of an exit. I clicked on the dropdown and selected the Reversal choice, just like I have done before, but this time it didn’t change the button at all. Instead, it executed the button which unexpectedly reversed my position, and leaving the button unchanged as “Exit”.

Please fix this – unless you think the exact same action should produce a different result.

Hi @Keto

Would you be able to contact our support team so they can gather some more details?

That was the first thing I did. They recommended I post it here. The support guy said he just received a call last week regarding this same issue. While I was writing this post, it showed two or three other similar posts with the same issue. I posted anyway because I thought it would get more attention. Someone will eventually consolidate the multiple occurrences of this issue which might get the attention of the development team. Well, I can hope.

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Thanks for the clarification. I’ve added your feedback to:

And will close this topic