Issue when changing selection of Reverse..Exit at Mrk&Cxl options

There is a drop down menu for the middle button Exit at Mrk&Cxl. (see image)

When I change the selection from say Exit at Mrk&Cxl to say Reverse, an order is immediately sent (to reverse) rather than the button actually needing to be clicked as per the new selection.

This is a problem (for me at least) because I want to change the selection without it actually sending the order.

I want to be able to then click Reverse as and when to send the order or re-select Exit at Mrk&cxl…etc…

Can this be rectified (?)

Many thx

Exit Button

This problem should be solved by giving us the option to show the Reverse & Cxl button separately, like you can change Show Join Bid / Join Ask in Settings. Would really like to request this change, as I agree the drop down is a very bad way to get at the Reverse button and vice versa if trying to switch back to Exit at Mkt. This really needs to be fixed.