Need a horizontal line/ Underline marker usable on the Middle price column of the DOM

Need a horizontal line/ Underline marker usable on the Middle price column of the DOM. Make this adjustable (and removable) on the click or double click, etc. I think this is useful to the observer of real time price fluctuation on the DOM. I wanna be able to mark where price most recently fluctuated up and down at their limits. These are limits within the print of a price candle but not observable after the fact. Cheers.

Hopefully the image below shed more light on this feature I am requesting. I wanna be able to manually set the underline markers as I see price fluctuate real time. The markers should change color if the last price is currently above the marker if the marker was initially set above the last price. And vice versa. I should be able to add a few of those markers and remove them at will…

I really would appreciate this feature. It would really help my trading big time.

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Any feedback on this? Just on click-on AND double click -off underline markers on the DOM. I think this is a great way to mark significant price levels without having to look at charting for context all the time or having to mentally note the areas where price is having a hard time cycling through.

What Do You think about adding a possibility of highlighting selected levels by the user in the DOM? And including comment column into the DOM?

Well, I think highlighting the selected values would be a little bit intrusive on the overall visibility of the price, given that the last price is already highlighted, which is why I am advocating the discretionary underline style for/at the bottom of the price cell that is important to the trader and a change in their color respective to the last price. However, I can see where a cell that has a comment attached can be highlighted and a mouse over will reveal comments, and a click + key combination can be used to stay the box with text and edit functions revealed. See attached image:

one click = add marker
click + © = add comment
double click = remove any prior events in cell
mouse over = reveal comment
Reset trigger somewhere…

I can also see the comment box ONLY popping up at the top of the DOM whenever and where ever the user has MOUSE OVER (ed) the comment cell. This way it remains in one place and not too distracting.


Hi. If you’re interested in a more robust note taking/commenting feature, simply vote for this already existing request I made:

When the votes gets high enough Brian and the team will probably get more involved and we can give more detailed suggestions before pushing it to the “planned” bucket.

I don’t really personally require a note feature currently but I can see its usefulness. All I need is the ability to add the underline feature. I thought you were asking for my wisdom on a highlighting feature in your comment above. My suggestion here for a note feature alongside my suggestion is very robust. It’s the only way I can see decent amount of notations can be done in the DOM without it being too intrusive and not having an independent column for notes.

Really, really need this feature. I am too zoned in on dom sometimes to be looking away at the chart to see my levels.

I do really wish for the implementation of this “selective underline feature” on the middle price column of the DOM. My trading would improve heaps. I scalp in seconds and minutes and this will help me pin my near term extreme levels precisely while my eyes never have to leave the action on the DOM… not for a second or two, or three or four.

Need this cell highlite or underline feature… Are you guys considering this?

I voted for this even though I do not actively trade using the DOM, I can see a significant benefit in the overall UX by adding this feature.

Being able to mark significant prices in the DOM as @Traberry is requesting is identical or akin to drawing on a chart to mark significant areas on the chart.