Add Note Taking Column To The Left of DOM

This simple yet awesome professional feature would allow people to manage their thoughts and mark important levels as they happen without charts, etc.

A checkbox can be added to the DOM settings to activate the column.

Nice to have
When the notes is enabled, add a reset button on top of the DOM above the notes column header to empty all input fields.

Would there be any need to keep these notes across sessions? Or, is the idea to keep them until “Cleared”

@BWeis My suggestion is to render another checkbox upon ticking the “Show notes” box under it and let the user choose that. For example “Clear at close”.

  • Show notes
    • Clear at close (Show this when above is checked)

Thanks. If “clear at close” is not selected, would the expectation be that the notes would persist until contract expiration (or until manually cleared)?

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That’s a good point. It’s better to keep the notes until expiration or until manually cleared if “Clear at close” is not selected. :+1:

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Bringing this up again for anyone who might not have seen it. A great feature to take a note of important levels in real time, like when you see an ice-berg, important vpocs, settle, etc. if you don’t want to pay for a tool like Jigsaw!


Yes having notes on the DOM would be fantastic. Having the ability to clear them manually versus automatically after a session is preferred as historical notes can be quite helpful. Perhaps even having the ability to mark specific notes as “do not delete” - though that’s a bigger ask.

Just having the ability to add notes on the DOM would be great. Even just having the feature of the Tradovate Pulse app DOM that displays times next to prices, Open price, etc. Anything that would enable the ability to add text to the DOM = great in my book.


Great comments @AdamK. Please consider voting up then.

There are many of us traders who execute their orders via the DOM and having a column to enter notes can be invaluable. For example, you wouldn’t need to draw a million lines for your levels. The notes can remain intact until cleared.
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Would be nice to see this planned soon.

A column in the DOM for adding abbreviated notes (levels, highs/lows, etc.) would be great. Thanks!

This is getting almost one year old, but please vote.