Create Custom Indicators for the DOM

We are planning on adding an enhancement to the Trader that will allow users to create “Custom Indicators” for the DOM. We wanted to post a few general details about this and get your feedback/input on it.

Generally, we will be allowing the following:

Input data: All content currently visible inside DOM module (Levels, daily volume profile (aka histogram), last traded price, customer’s orders, current position, account balance, chart indicator’s marks).

Result: Modify background, foreground, histogram, and border colors of cells and rows, place custom shapes in cells, modify content of cells, allow custom plotting in an optional dedicated way for this particular indicator column.

Hi Brian.

Any improvements to the DOM would be great.

By “modify content of cells” do you mean something like the note taking feature request that I made before? If not, how much extra effort would that one need to implement?

Another feature you guys can look into is the ability or option to display total traded volume on bid and ask side in separate columns.


For the note taking feature, would these be free-form text entries? Or will they be items that would be standard based on certain conditions or calculations?

They’d be free-form simple text input fields with possibility to reset with a button above the column header or until expiration.
Having said that, if you think it would improve the UX to have one single editable column to accommodate both user notes and dynamic content, instead of separate ones, I’d be totally fine with that so long as all cells are actually editable.

Hi Brian,

Could you clarify this part?

allow custom plotting in an optional dedicated way for this particular indicator column.

Namely, would we have the ability to modify cells in existing columns as well as adding multiple new columns?


Also regarding the input data, would the separate bid and ask volume be available?

Hi @nom28

We haven’t finalized the scope of this yet (beyond our high-level ideas). I will keep this topic updated as things progress, however