Indicators that effect more than just the chart?

Is there a way to use the code editor or make an indicator that will add information to the DOM or show levels on the DOM?

Hi @jacadd

While we plan on making available indicators specifically for the DOM, there is a way today that you can have indicator levels from your chart show on your DOM.

To enable this:
Make sure your chart and your DOM are color-linked

In the DOM, in the settings, enable “Show Chart indicators”

You will see an “Ind” column in your DOM which will have a label of your indicator(s) at their current price levels:

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You can follow and vote for the DOM Indicators feature here:

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Ah okay I forgot about that color coding mechanic. So would I be able to make an indicator that tracks the amount of orders that fill at the inside bid and inside ask individually kinda like the jigsaw dom? or is that not something that would work?