Add price on drawn horizontal line

When you draw a horizontal line on the chart it would be nice if the price would show. Maybe a little number right on top of it, like it does with the order line to show you how many contracts you have.

It would also be nice to be able to double click on the line and put it at an exact spot (Type in a number)

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Yes… I think this is just a basic feature that should be included.

I was looking for the feature as well

Agreed. Or just show the price level if hovering the mouse on the line. As of now we have to move the mouse close to the horizontal line, and guess where it is.

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I agree that price should be shown for horizontal lines, time stamp for vertical lines, and the magnet (snap to OHLC) feature would be great for lines and Fib retracements.

Especially when moving a horizontal line, the price tag of the cursor should remain visible (also in other linked windows).
It is very annoying when the price tag disappears while dragging the line around.

@Rilbert_Hern In release 1.201120.0, we’ve introduced a snap crosshair feature that will allow you to move lines to precise prices and see those prices when moving in the price axis

This needs toggled on if you want to use this feature.

@BWeisare you guys planning on adding the option to toggle price on this line? So we can see what the Priceline value is.


I would like that horizontal lines show price or if you can set them to a certain price. Just like Tradingview. Thanks.

Would also be nice to add alerts to horizontal lines. I use the NYSE Tick to enter trades and used to have a set sound for certain levels when they are broken. I know you can add an alert but once it is triggered you have to add it again and attaching it to the line would be more user friendly

other platforms now use the price and the target PNL or SL on the line. it would be great to have it.

Pretty much every charting platform in existence allows you to show the price label for a horizontal line you draw on your chart.

Seems like a reasonable request, how hard would this be to get accomplished?

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I’d like to see the ability to add a text label to a horizontal line. To have to add the text separately above it is very awkward and cumbersome.

Scrolling through the feature request section, I see how much progress on been made in the last year or so. It’s great and amazing. One general bit of advice, and I’m being purely selfish: Focus on refining the TPO chart. Most likely, users are using other charting services like TradingView, et al. But for TPO charts, there are few good options, and much fewer that come free with an account. I believe, with a good TPO chart, you can actually attract new users to your platform. But it still needs some refinement, particularly in the ability to add a label to a horizontal line/price level. Just watch a video showing how to use WindoTrader. Making notes at different price levels is a key task for those who trade Market Profile. Thanks for reading this.

very much needed feature. It would be great to have the ability to justify it where you want. Tradingview does this very well.
This would be a great feature on the rectangle tool as well. NEEDED. Thanks!

Agreed! I’m perplexed they don’t have this available. I’ve been asking for over a year.