LBR 3-10 Oscillator

Hello. I just started using Tradeovate and had come across a Community indicator I believe was an oscillator called LBR 3-10 or something to the sort. I found that at some point today, the Community indicators weren’t accessible any longer from the panel itself but now I’m being reverted to this Community platform. Does anyone recognize this indicator and know how I may be able to access it again.

I see a LBR_ThreeTenOscillator in the community indicators list. Is this it?

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Thanks for that reply back and yes, that is it and for whatever the reason in that I could not see it yesterday, today it is back as seen in your screenshot. Thanks MadCat.

Love the LBR 310! Is there a way to add or plot the 16 period MA of the Oscillator. I trade the first pullback as taught by Raschke and its super critical. Thanks for the amazing contributions!

how do you get the color changes on the fast and slow lines and the green dots?

JulioC - the indicator pic I attached was created for the Ninjatrade7 platform. The code was generated and published on another forum. Can you code?

that indicator looks much better than the one we have for Tradovate.
I can’t code :woozy_face:

I’m brand new here. Do you have friends in the Tradovate Community that could migrate NinjaScript code to JavaScript code? I have the code and could pass it along to anyone that can migrate it over for us. The green dots by the way are momentum dots. They are very useful. Let me know if you can find someone to code this up for us…
See ya :fist_right::fist_left:

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