Join + or - sme number of ticks with hotkey

Hi - I have always used a dedicated keypad to place/cancel/modify trades with hotkeys for example: X-keys and now Elgato Streamdeck.

I currently have Tradovate hotkeys set up to buy/sell at market, reverse, liquidate and join bid/offer.

To really get the most out of fast moves, I need to be able to join one , two and three levels away from the inside bid/ask.

Here is the use case:

I place a sell order and get filled on several units. I’m short. My position moves quickly in my favor. There is enough liquidity that I will be filled instantly if I join the bid. I think I can get a couple more ticks If I join a level or two down immediately. However, the trade is moving too quickly to manually place(click) to join lower down in the DOM - the move may not last or might reverse before I can place the trade. With hot keys set to join at various offsets from bid/ask it’s possible to extract a lot more.

On Tradestation for example, I have set hotkeys for join, and join +/- 2, 3 ticks respectively.
It would also be great if we could configure assign a hot key for any type of order we can set up in a ticket (trailing stop etc).

Have a look at my scalping hot keys on TS:
I can switch contracts, place orders etc.

I would pay to have these capabilities in Tradovate.

I have development experience so if there is an API that I could use to achieve these kinds of functions I would love to investigate that too.