Join Bid/Join Ask • Offset

During extremely fast market conditions, it is impossible to place orders at desired price levels—either through the DOM or directly on the chart.

The Join Bid and Join Ask buttons are very useful, but I often find myself needing to place an order at the current price—which typically sits in the 1-tcik spread between the Bid/Ask.

For my trading strategy, I would need the existence of two new buttons (or the ability to change the parameters of the current Join buttons):

Place Bid at Current Price
Place Ask at Current Price

These options would be a lifesaver.

Additionally, it would be very useful to allow modifications of the Join parameters, such that users could specify a tick-offset.

For example, Join Bid (Offset +1) would allow a user to jump above all other bids by a single tick.

Join Ask (Offset -1), on the other hand would allow a user to jump below all other asks by a single tick.

In both of these scenarios, a user would be sacrificing a tick’s-worth of price for a sooner entry—something I am very much in need of and currently have no way of executing via Tradovate.

Thanks for the consideration.