Executing Market Buy and Sell orders on hotkey press

I’m reaching out to seek guidance on configuring hotkeys within the Tradovate platform. My objective is to assign a specific key for executing a market buy order and a different key for a market sell order. I have a basic understanding of the platform, but I’m finding it challenging to locate the exact steps or documentation that can guide me through this process.

Here’s what I’m trying to achieve:

  1. Market Buy Order Hotkey: I would like to press a single key (for example, F1) and have it trigger an immediate market buy order for a predetermined quantity of contracts.
  2. Market Sell Order Hotkey: Similarly, I want to assign another key (for example, F2) that, when pressed, will execute an immediate market sell order, also for a predetermined quantity.

If anyone has experience with setting up hotkeys for market orders in Tradovate or can point me to the relevant parts of the user guide or support resources, I would greatly appreciate it



It’s terrible no one has answered this. I’ve tried to find the exact same solution as well to no avail. Tradovate is really doing a good job at not impressing many people who function solely on hot keys on other platforms.

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