Hot Key for breakeven position +/- (x) ticks

Please create a Hot Key that opens an exit order at the average fill price +/- a defined number of ticks. This key should cancel and replace all open stop loss and profit target orders.

Example: Long 3 ES contracts (initiated with separate entries) with an average fill price of 4230. Open limit orders to exit for profit at 4232,4234,4236 and stop orders to exit below the market at 4226,4224,4222. Hot Key initiated will cancel and replace all limit orders with 1 exit order at 4230 (or 4230 +/- 1 tick etc.).

Or another way to describe it would be ’ set limit order to exit market and cancel (x) ticks above average fill price).

Would really love to have this feature especially since multiple OCO orders are not currently grouped.