Instant chart trading

Thanks for adding snap mode to crosshair. It improves chart trading mode but still we need additional confirmation for placing the trade. Could you please add option for disable chart trade mode confirmations and shortened time for placing a trade from a chart?

I agree. Sometimes I want to place an INSTANT trade from where the cursor arrow is pointing on the chart. A number of times when I click to place a trade, the time it takes to see the BUY or SELL choice and move the mouse over the option I want, and then click, I have missed the trade already. If there could be some way to decide, before clicking on the chart, whether it will be a BUY or SELL, that would enable INSTANT trading from the chart. Maybe BUYs would be the default and holding down the Ctrl key before clicking on the chart would indicate a SELL.

This could be an option that traders could turn on or off, so there is still a choice.

I discovered that only brackets ON need additional confirmation. Could you please add switch off confirmation for brackets option?